Furpa Yantra Nepal- Remove Black Magic

Furpa Yantra Nepal- Remove Black Magic
Furpa Yantra Nepal- Remove Black Magic

Furpa: It is believed in Nepal that Furpa is a mystical charm that can remove all kind of negative energies. In ancients times it is very popular without Furpa people of Nepal are scared to go out and this yantra helped the wearer in numerous ways it deals with all kind of negative energy evil eye , hexes and black magic having one is a difficult task those days and whosoever possess Furpa is known as  royal member of their tribe. In my research I have found this yantras is working very well in all accepts, I have given these yantras to my clients over 20 years and all are satisfied with its drastic positive effects. People that are suffering long term diseases are now living healthier life and this Furpa yantra develop a great place in their lives. I remember when I have to send around 20 Furpa yantras and I am unable to fulfill this demand as there is limited Furpa yantras that are made every year and on a special occasion it is energies so that it gain some mystical powers in India it is called Prana Pratistha (giving life to some nonliving element) after this ritual it is believed that this yantras can do miracles. We can use it in these areas

  1. For removing black magic
  2. All kind of diseases that are incurable
  3. Removing any kind of fear
  4. Good fortune
  5. Attaining wealth and vanishing poverty
  6. Good luck charm
  7. Can be a lifelong black magic protector
  8. Use it to remove all kind of enemies
  9. Eliminates bad dreams and ideas
  10. To purifies your home office
  11. Business growth
  12. Can save you from any misfortune

If you got a Furpa then keep it in safe place where no one can see it and on full moon and some holy occasions do little pooja after that keep it in safe place that will retain its all power at its best and this yantras help you lifelong

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